At JB Insure, we focus on service for you, our client. We are here to ensure you have the complete, correct insurance solution that fully services your requirements. We go that extra mile to ensure you are fully prepared in your day to day work life so you can focus on your business, not insurance.

Jason has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years, 28 of those with a major insurer, before branching out to become a broker through PSC Connect in 2015. Throughout his years in insurance, he has noticed a distinct lack of service in the market which he would like to see change. Everybody is important and everybody’s insurance is important so his aim to remind everybody they matter.

We are a growing team of insurance experts who have an extensive knowledge and interest in all things insurance. If it doesn’t have a heartbeat, we can do it. If it does have a heartbeat, we know someone who can do it.

We are a very experienced group of people with well over 130 years of experience between us.  We can help you with whatever insurance query/requirement you need and are happy to go that extra mile to ensure you have the correct product that suits your needs.

Your insurance is a critical part of your business success

We would be happy to review your insurance programme to make sure your business is properly covered and that you’re not paying for cover you don’t need.